Truck Tracing Code of Conduct

Truck racing fandom has never been this popular in the UK, thanks to the modification of heavy tractor units (trucks) and myriad competitions that attract thousands of fans. Weighing more than 5,550kg, racing trucks are the ultimate heavyweights of oval track circuits and road racing. As such, care should be taken and drivers must adhere to set rules and standards. Here is the code of conduct in truck racing as stipulated by the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA).

Sporting Values

Ideally, truck racing code of conduct is based on general yet strong sporting values, which include:

  • Fair play
  • Respect
  • Good manners
  • Sincerity
  • Self-control

What the Code Includes

If you’re a player, be sure to show utmost respect to other players and their teams. Every player is equal before, during, and after the race. The spirit of truck race competition is instilled right from the start, and both players and fans are expected to behave well.

With the world continuously going digital, most people have turned to social media to air their views about other players and their teams, the truck racing competition, authorities, and brands and sponsors. This is also encouraged but only in a positive way. Behave well when in and outside the circuit. Make sure that you engage in a healthy competition with your competitors.

Every player should be responsible for their own manners; otherwise, their actions might harm others physically and emotionally. The code of conduct also applies to team members, officials, organisers, family, and friends. It is also vital that players follow their club rules and regulations.

What If Players Don’t Follow the Racing Code?

All players are required to adhere to the BTRA rules and regulations at all times. And anyone who uses derogatory words or incorrect information about the organisation and other players may be fined or banned from certain competitions.