Safety in Racing

What is it about racing that is so addictive to the drivers and spectators? Knowing how dangerous it is, and seeing horrible accidents and injuries happen, race drivers and fans still can’t seem to do without it.

Calculated Risks

The truth is that there is always an element of danger and risk to everything in life. Accidents can just as well occur on roads in normal traffic. But with the extreme speeds on the race tracks, it is important to have an extra cautious mindset fixated on mitigating and limiting the inherent risks in racing.

This is a task that the governing body of motorsport, FIA, has always taken very seriously. It would be delusional to say that accidents and injuries in racing sports can be completely avoided, but at least any feasible safety measures available is usually implemented. Comparing the safety in motorsport with other sports, the FIA has surely done a terrific job. Both tracks, drivers, and cars are assessed properly before races.

The performance and reliability of the cars are enhanced by adjusting the tires, engines, brakes, and aerodynamics. This is called racing setup and is crucial to reduce the likelihood of injuries for both race car drivers and spectators during the races. Both the technology in the car and the protective gear worn by the drivers plays a major role in keeping it safe.

Continuous Improvements

As far as safety is concerned, the FIA and other relevant parties are continuously pushing the boundaries and introducing new safety products and technologies. Safety research and projects are funded by the FIA foundation, to ensure the highest standard education and new and improved safety technologies. One of the most important developments obtained from these efforts is the driver cockpits, that are made like containment pods. The survival cell and cockpits are made from carbon fibre that has extreme strength and impact qualities. They can, therefore, remain intact during high speed crashes.

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