Categories of Racing

In the car industry, there are many different types of cars. This is reflected in the world of racing, as there are dedicated racing events taking place adapted to the different car types. Some of the most important and influential will be looked at here.

Open wheel car races

Open wheel car races can also be called the Single-seater racing. Formula One and Indycar are the most famous racing categories where open wheel cars are used. These cars used have the open wheel just as the name implies.

Among all categories, they are the most technologically advanced cars. They are very fast with maximum speed above 375 km/h. They can also be very sharp in turns and bends. Some of the most famous races they are used in include Monaco, Italian, and British Grand Prix.

Sport Car Races

The cars competing here can be considered the opposite of the open wheel races, and they are actually known by the name closed-wheel. They are also purpose-built race cars like the open wheels, but only intended for endurance racing. Famous sports car races include:

  • the 24 Hours Race of Le Mans
  • the Rolex 24 at Daytona
  • the 12 Hours Race of Sebring
  • the 6 Hours of Watkins Glen
  • the 24 Hours Race of Spa-Francorchamps

Rally races

On Rally Races, cars compete on public roads. The roads are closed and sometimes prepared with gravel. The cars are usually regular road cars, modified to give better performance and endure the rough driving.

Drag Races

Drag races are divided into several sub-genres, such as:

  • Superstreet
  • Superstock
  • Funny Car
  • Top Fuel

Common for all of them is that the winner is decided in the end by the vehicle which is quickest to get to the other side of a short stretch. Acceleration is, therefore, the key factor.

Offroad Races

Offroad racing also comes with its varieties, with Hill Climb, Pro Truck, Buggy and Trophy Truck being some of the most important ones. The rules vary significantly between the categories. Both production cars and trucks are typically customized to participate in these kinds of races.

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