Formula 1 – King of Motorsports

Formula One racing features the best drivers, technically advanced cars, and full time racing teams in the world. It has so much drama, and not even rules can take that away.

Spectacular Racing

Formula one is a very spectacular sports. The wheels located outside the body of the vehicle is one of the reasons. Another reason is the formula. After all, formula refers to a set of rules both drivers and cars must conform to. There are several rules and limitations put in place, in part to ensure that it is possible for smaller teams to enter the championship without massive budgets. Formula One regulations are categorized into two main groups:

  • Sporting Regulations: all aspects of every single race, from start to finish
  • Technical regulations: Requirements and limitations for the car engine, transmission and suspension.

­During a Formula One race, the safety and the medical cars help ensure high safety for both drivers and spectators.

The Drivers

Becoming a Formula One champion means one thing; being the number one driver in the world. After many years of racing experience across thousands of miles on other categories of racing, a driver might then hope to be recruited by one of the Formula One teams.

It is highly prestigious to be Formula One race winner. Michael Schumacher with 91 wins and Lewis Hamilton with 57 wins can attest to the spoils of victory in Formula One. The 150,000 dollars bonus for winning a race is just one of the many benefits a Formula One winner can enjoy. And if you fancy placing any bets on the F1 races you can learn more here

The Tracks

The Formula One tracks used every season can be found all over Europe. Monaco is the only Formula One race that takes place on the streets instead of the circuits. This makes it a relatively slow race, but also one of the spectators’ favourites, as they can enjoy seeing the spectacular cars in a normal city environment.

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