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Motorsports, as the name implies, refers to any sport that includes racing with cars, trucks, motorcycles or any other kind of vehicle. These highly technologically advanced machines, combined with the bold maneuvering of the fearless drivers, makes people flock together to witness the spectacle both at the tracks and in front of their televisions. On this site we will deal with various subjects within different genres of motorsports. The information available here can be useful for both fans and aspiring drivers alike.

There are a wide range of categories within racing, such as Formula One, stock car racing, sports car racing, drag racing, rallying, off road racing and truck racing, to name a few. On this site there will be information available about many of the different race types, where the characteristics of each of them are explained. Millions of fans out there who are interested to know more about the safety measures employed in racing can also find interesting topics on this site.

The technological advances driving racing and the automotive industry forward is a topic that both racing fans and normal car owners will have an interest in knowing more about. These subjects are therefore emphasized at this site. The technology we take for granted in reasonably priced cars might very well have originated in Formula One. The rearview mirror is just one example of an innovation the car industry has adopted from the race track, that we take for granted today.

For the ones planning to become a driver, sponsor, mechanic or manager, there will also be helpful information on this site. Getting a sponsor for the racing team can be challenging for many ambitious drivers, and some tips on this subject are given on this site. Information about what needs to be known to become a club member, and what are the best clubs to join, are also included on this site.

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