Motorsport Crews

Very few Motorsports fans know of how much work, accuracy, time and calculations have been invested to win a race. The crew of a racing team has to function as a well-oiled machine, where each role is equally important.

The Mechanics

The Mechanics are of course one of the vital roles in any racing team. The qualities of a good mechanic reflect in his ability to work under pressure and being well organized. Being a racing team mechanic is a thing of accuracy and carefulness. They have to check the cars before they take off, to make sure it can withstand the stress. They can also be put under enormous pressure when some technical fault arises during a race, and it has to be fixed while the clock is ticking.

During race season it can often be required to change an engine in less than one hour and have a car ready in about the same time interval. Staying up at odd hours and still be able to do a neat job is no joke since the responsibility can fall back on the mechanics if anything goes wrong with a driver or the car.

The Manager

Another vital part of any racing team is the manager. Responsibilities of this job include the overall leadership of the racing team, including developing cars, hiring drivers, engineers, and mechanics and signing sponsorship deals. The team will during a racing season often travel all around the world and compete in a variety of races and championships, and the logistics challenges that come with that will of course also require careful planning and execution from the manager.

All About Teamwork

All team members, whatever their job is, must understand their roles, otherwise, all the technology and engineering of the mechanics will be for nothing. Car racing is about standing together and having excellent relationships with each other is paramount.

It’s long hours, greasy fingernails, burns, and bruises, but after winning a race it will all be worth it.

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