Motorsports in the UK

When it comes to motorsports, the UK is unequaled by few other countries. The country has achieved so much in the sport. The Formula One title has been won by 10 Britons, and when it comes to construction, 34 British constructors have won the championships. Britain is also the all-time top scorer in Formula One Racing.

Hosting and participation in some of the most popular motorsports series and championships in the world (Formula one and World Rally championship) has made the UK a chief player in the motorsports world, holding a high standard in both driving and sports car engineering and designs.


Most championships hosted in the UK are sponsored either by the FIA or the MSA, depending on the level. Some of the most important ones are:

  • World Championship
  • Regional Championships
  • National and domestic championship series

There are also subdivisions within each Championship. Each club has a set of races in the subcategory, which they partake in.

British Club Racing

The British Clubs Association plays a big part in organizing racing events, and most races come under their management. Registered motorsport clubs in the UK are numerous, with over 200,000 members in all. Every club is affiliated to MSA and has a copy of the MSA Constitution.

Some of the biggest British racing clubs include:

  • British Racing & Sports Car Club (BRSCC)
  • Classic Sports Car Club (CSCC).
  • BARC

The British Racing & Sports Car Club who plays a chief role in British race events was formed in 1946. They organise at least 50 meetings and 25 championships per year, in different regional centers. This has put them in the forefront as an influential club in British racing.

BARC is another key player among the British Racing clubs, with both amateur and professional members. Even people at the age of 10 are members of the club. For a club like BARC, being a member comes with benefits and gives a sense of belonging, since they are established and more successful than most clubs in the world. Members partake in every aspect of motorsports and various MSA registered championships.

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